Har købt disse ting på Maurmarkt i dag til kuppriser.

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2 comments on “BARGAINS”

  1. Dear Michelle.

    I’m glad you find my blog inspiring! That’s always so very nice to know.

    Nice to peek into your Berlin Life – I’ll keep doing that! It makes me even more exited to come there too (not so long to go anymore…, finally, yay).

    Btw. how was Nabokovs “Lolita”?

    cheers from http://www.elilos.blogspot.com

    • Hi Jana,
      Yeah, your blog really is nice, so I’ll peek in often 🙂
      Glad you find your way to my blog, and do feel free to ask anything since my blog is written in Danish. (Maybe I should start to write in English?)
      When are you moving to Berlin? You’ll love it here – it’s an amazing city!
      “Lolita” was definitely better than the movie – it’s a very intellectual book, well written, and it jumps between being very serious and very hilarious – a must read for book fans!

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